In Tough Times Get Tougher

I’m speaking to all when I say Life has a way of kicking you in the Ribs when you’re down. It takes your breath away then it makes your Soul feel like it was meant to crawl “Not Fly” You are drowning in positive thoughts and you keep kicking reaching for answers. Like the dream where you are screaming for help but no one can hear you however you keep pushing because your faith tells you beyond the shadows of your runaway doubts that everything that’s happening to you is to make you grow to make you great at some point even though your logical frame of mind is asking you look around are you. Sure you’re not finished? When I first came to Nashville I had eighty dollars on me. I asked dad what are we doing in Nashville? It was CMA week 1994 Hermitage Hotel after we got a room I remember thinking where to from here? Dad had a job offer in Nashville and we had to tough it out for a couple of weeks till we got on our feet. We pushed through. Times have been hard many times since that day Dad has been gone almost 13 years now cancer got him and my mom has been gone 4 years now from cancer as well. Push the forward button to now December 3rd 2018 bad wreck day lost everything again and pushed forward and things turned out for the better again. Present day lost 70 extra pounds I decided to start a new Fitness Store Business not knowing what I’m doing and now I’m at another cross roads feeling like I have just climb aboard a runaway train and then I realize that’s Life! and we are all passengers passing through fighting for a ticket. For some crazy reason I keep pushing cause that’s all I know and I say to all that’s reading this, Pretend that all you know to do is to keep pushing,to keep hoping,To keep Loving yourself every short moment we all have. ” In Tough Times Get Leaner & Tougher” Thank you guys Mikkel “Love Yourself Love your Health” Until the next Blog Fitness Lovers…


Bitch Slap!! Weight & Burn Fat

Hey Guys”s I know you you have Probably heard egg whites Not The Yolk!    Well that’s B.S There are about 12 vitamins your body Must Have!! Also increases Weight Loss by like 40%  I promise if you eat 3 eggs however you like everyday you’re gonna lower your blood pressure Burn fat not to mention Results on skin tone & shiny hair…  If you drink nothing but 8 glasses of water a day coffee with splenda or stevia little cream if you like you. Breakfast 1.rye toast with eggs for Health smoothie with Vitamins first two glasses of water. 2. two sliced apples with a salad for lunch add Turkey or chicken for lunch Health smoothie and 2 more glasses of water. 3. pork loin roast with a baked potato and Health Smoothie 2 more glasses of water. 1hr or two before bed 2 more glasses of water 50 sit-ups on yoga ball you’ll burn while you sleep. It’s just simple choices that don’t include Fast Fat Gaining foods. People aren’t gurus some just make better choices than others. Try it!! 30 days from now Nobody will be Laughing. You Got This! It’s just Fat and it Hates You!! Hate it Back!! That body of yours is gonna look Sweet!! Bitch Slap That Weight & Burn Fat. Thank guys Love Yourself Love Your Health Mikkel Nashville..

Get Up & Get It On

Forget about what you don’t want when you first wake up workout even when you hate to you will love yourself in about twenty minutes from now. Your Body is amazing when you give it wings to fly. Your body does whatever you allow it to do. Feed it right & Love your body & it will love you back. Teach your brain to say “I Can” Eat a boiled egg and toast instead of a fat-ass Doughnut… Let’s be honest guys you really think Little debbie is so little? I know I been there done that, 70 pounds extra ASS.!! Large and comfortable clothing is what they call it in the store. Imagine, what people would do if the sign read Big Ass Section here! They would think twice about going down that isle! The wording changes everything don’t it? Think about if they would have before and after pics of Little Debbie snacks. Oh here’s cute little Debbie before, oh here’s, Holy Shit! what happened Debbie? Not to be mean guys but your body is a reflection of what you eat, so choose your food wisely. Get Up & Get It On & Work out Everyday Love Yourself Love Your Health Thanks!! Mikkel Nashville

“Nothing Comes Free” Ever!!

Ever Notice when it’s Free it doesn’t taste as sweet?
Nothing is worth much if it’s free. Money will always be the name of the game in any field. If you don’t believe it go to church and count how many times they don’t pass the offering plate around you’ll lose that bet. Ray Charles said nothing is free in this world but Jesus However, even he had to pay a price thanks to the Church they crucified him Imagine if he would have had the money to give them there would have never been a last supper and Judas wouldn’t have been the reason for Christ getting nailed to a cross. You get the Pic? Weather you are a Musician,Student, Doctor, Handyman, Computer Tech, Insurance sales tech Everybody pays the piper and you think you deserve it more when you pay for it… So why am I saying all this? Working your ass off is the only name of the game if you ain’t working it you don’t deserve it! So if you want to lose weight, “Get Off Your Ass and Burn Baby Burn” Stop the sugar train, Drink water only or Coffee & Tea with Stevia or Honey, Eat oatmeal instead of a “Fat Ass Waffle” Kick Your Own Ass if you love yourself for real Results!!! Get busy guys Love Yourself Love Your Health. Thank you, Mikkel Nashville 

“Not For The Weak At All”

I have come to know from experience that time is the best teacher of all especially when you’re building a blog following or any type of business however I didn’t start this blog with the purpose of being a BlogaRockstar!! Hey I like the sound of that maybe it will go viral LOL. I recently just started an online fitness store Biz I’ve spent 1,000 hours in front of the computer pulling my hair out getting frustrated and all You don’t know what I’m talking about do you? Oh you do because you have spent probably 15,000 hours right?

I decided to take a break watch some Dan Lok and it hit me, he said money is a bi-product of the endless work we put in our efforts finally made us the money not just the desire for it. I was like Yeah Right! I said to myself you have been in the remodeling Biz for 25 years and playing guitar for longer and it took time to build those skills is this really any different? and No! was my final answer to my brain power hour of questions. so the message is this shit is hard if you want it bad like a candy store obsession but you know your health is more important because being in shape is Fucking ass kicking work too but there is beauty that comes out of ass kicking life experience yeah that’s right “Not For The Weak At All ” Thank you! Mikkel Chandler

Who’s Crushing On You?

Who is making you feel like you are not the everything you can be? Well let’s clear something up! You are in control of where you end up, though at times it feels like your middle name is Bullseye. When those times are staring you down and they will in more ways than one Your state of mind has to kick in I’m talking when you clearly are at the end of your rope, all your resources are gone your money is going to everyone but you,The harder you work the harder you get Kicked. Well my friends this is the time you close your eyes and you find yourself for in that moment the only thing you have to offer is yourself and that’s when the magic happens when you break but you’re not broken when you cry but you are healing at the same time, when you feel like a loser but you act stand and walk like a winner because you believe change is coming, not only is it coming there is no other option in you heart and mind to accept except for sweet delivery… Thanks guys Mikkel Nashville “Love Yourself Love Your Health”

“How To Burn Weight Anytime”

The B.S of childhood lies. Hey I’m big boned, I was born with an eating disorder, This ass goes anywhere I go! kidding LOL. The truth is anyone can lose weight at any age no matter what. If you want it, You can have it. Eight glasses of water a day. Change your food habits get off all sugars that means No cokes. Those two things can drop almost twenty pounds very fast. I will be making a list of 6 things you can do to lose pounds and look super any age any weight stay tuned a lot of good stuff on the way I will be doing these blogs everyday from here on out just like I do with the Fitness store blogs and there will be videos coming your way I can show you how I lost 56 pounds in 60 days. Ok guys this will be another short blog as I get better I will treat you to killer good content you’ll want to keep stopping by until then Love yourself Love your Thank You Mikkel Nashville…

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